Thursday 2/18 update

Hey Herd!

Chef Jordan Yamas here. It’s been a pretty icy week. Due to these unsafe weather conditions, we have been closed Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. BUT the very thick, slick ice appears to be turning into slush – just enough for us to make it back out to the restaurant and finally cook for you.

Since we have not been able to cook all week and will have a super skeleton crew tomorrow, our menu availability and options are gonna have to be a little flexible (and we hope you understand)!

We will be cooking our little tails off for you because we know the grocery stores are slim pickin’s – and so are open restaurants. We have plenty in the freezer and will still do Takeout Thursday (that means 10% off your entire purchase). All items that will/can be made to put in the cooler will be posted on our Facebook page. CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW OUR FACEBOOK PAGE.

We won’t offer our hot lunch plate, but we will offer HOT FAMILY meals (2/18 only). That way, you can feed your family a hot meal that you dont have to cook (because we are all tired of it after this ice storm).

Each hot family meal comes in 1 size and will feed 6ish people (and some probable left overs). If you think you will need more (or want for sure leftovers), we suggest purchasing an additional meal. The menu below is the ONLY meal we are making HOT – but we have plenty of items in the freezer and will list options in the cooler for you to pick up to take home. Hot Family Meal is not elegible for Takeout Thursday discount or any other point redemptions/discounts since it is already discounted. It will include 1 large entree and 2 medium sides with a gallon of tea of your choice.


  • Poppyseed Chicken with White Rice, Lima Beans, 6 rolls, 1 gallon sweet or unsweet tea – $84
  • Shrimp & Grits with Green Beans, Field Peas, 6 rolls, 1 gallon sweet or unsweet tea. – $84

These options will be available between noon and 4pm (close) tomorrow. All hot items are first come, first serve. If you want to pay to reserve your meal and designate a specific time to pick up, please email us at with your meal option and time of pickup. Pay reserve is highly encouraged.

We hope that this will be of help for everyone during (yet another) historic event. We’re just so dang excited to get back in the kitchen and cook.

And in case you’ve missed it – in order to off-set the expense of us not being open, we have a discount going on for e-gift cards of $50+. Great way to get some ‘goat cash’ or treat a family member, co-worker, best friend, parent with some home cooked, good food – and it goes straight to your inbox. CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE.

We’ll see you tomorrow!

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