Holiday Menu FAQ

Hello friends! We are getting some questions about the holiday menu, so we are going to add them here (with the answer), and update it as much as possible.

Do I have to order a holiday package?

No. You do not have to order a holiday package. You can order items a la carte. See the menu for sizes & pricing.

Can I add items to the holiday package?

Yes! You can add any items to your holiday package! Want to add a couple sides or more bread? We can definitley do that!

Can I use my loyalty points?

You cannot use your loyalty points on holiday menus items.

Can I special order an item for my allergies?

We cannot guarantee cross contamination with such a busy season. So, we are not doing offering any special items for allergies. We are so sorry.

Are you using the same recipes as What’s Cookin’?

No. We are not using any of their recipes. They are amazing cooks and had a great business, but we are a new business with our own recipes. Paul and Jordan have over 30 years combined experience as professional cooks, and love bringing restaurant quality food to your table.

Is the cornbread dressing available right now?

Yes. Anything on our carryout menu is available for purchase until the spring menu rolls out. So yes, you can come get some cornbread dressing now.

When can I pickup my items?

At time of ordering, you will select your day. Pickup days are only Monday – Wednesday, November 25-27. Monday and Tuesday will be regular hours. Wednesday we will be open from 6am to 6pm. We will be closed Thanksgiving Day.

Do I really have to pay at time of ordering? I’m not comfortable giving my card info over the phone.

We completely understand. We assure you we won’t sell your information. It is going directly into our system and being processed for payment. If it still worries you, please come in and order. Payment is needed at time of order to make pickup days faster and more effecient. We expect to be busy from open to close, so this will keeps lines a lot smaller. Also, you don’t have to worry about payment at pickup! Just pickup and head home! Easy, easy, easy! If you do decide to wait on payment on a holiday package, you will not be given any of the discounts, but will be charged the full amount of $195.

Will I pick it up hot?

No. Your meal and/or a la carte items will NOT be hot. Everything will be fully cooked, but not hot. Your items will come with heating instruction. Just heat and serve.

Is everything fully cooked?

Yes – everything will be fully cooked. Even the meat. Like we said, easy easy easy!

Can I order some parmesan crisps? What about pecan muffins?

Unfortunately, they are not on our holiday menu. We have a lot of great options, so please refer to the menu for available items.

Why aren’t you doing pies? You’re only doing cakes?

No pies. Yes cakes. We have decided to forego pies this year because every family prides themselves in their own family tradition of pie making. Our cakes are absolutley fabulous and will be a great addition to your table of sweets.

Can I order some sausage balls to pick up next week? I see they are on the menu!

They are not on our carryout menu, only the holiday menu. Holiday menu pickup times are only Monday – Wednesday, November 25-27.

Will your regular carryout menu be available to buy during holiday pickup?

Yes – BUT it will only be what we have in the freezer. We are hoping for a full freezer, but we won’t be cooking from that menu that week. You will not be able to special order any carryout menu items that week, either. Our focus is only holiday orders. Thanks for understanding.